TFA TPA The Flavor's Apprentice Flavor Drops A to C
TFA TPA The Flavor's Apprentice Concentrated Flavourings
TFA TPA The Flavor's Apprentice Flavor Drops A to C


TFA TPA The Flavor's Apprentice Flavor Drops A to C


TFA TPA The Flavor's Apprentice food flavourings

A to C

These are super concentrated food flavourings that are widely used in creating your own liquids

and can also be used in a variety of food applications such as; cakes, creams, icings, jams, candy sweets etc. etc...


A little goes a long way due to their powerful concentration, so start with a small amount and then add according to your taste buds


The full ingredients can be found on the official website for The Flavor's Apprentice.


These concentrated flavourings do not contain any Nicotine.


These concentrated food flavourings have not been diluted in any way, so they are pure as the manufacturer has created them, we simply pour them into smaller size bottles according to your order, so rest assured that you're buying a genuine product.

We do not create the names of the flavourings either, as they are named by the manufacturer, in this case 'The Flavor's Apprentice'.


The Flavor's Apprentice concentrates are made in USA. TFA is a division of famous TPA - The Perfumers Apprentice company which produces various ranges of flavour concentrates for different uses. This brand has gained a lot of trust among vapers around the world, who blend their DIY e liquids with The Flavour Apprentice concentrates. These concentrates can be usually used at about 5-15% in your base, but each flavour has a different intensity so we recommended experimenting the percentage you require for each application individually. TFA flavour concentrate are food safe and so they can also be used for baking, making candy or soda's and creating many other applications.

TFA or the Flavor's Apprentice are also known as TFA or TPA or The Perfume Apprentice, also sold as TFA and TPA in Europe, Asia and America.

TFA or TPA are used in a number of different applications. TFA is also one of the largest providers of concentrates in north America.

You can find various forums online which help in creating recipe's for your own DIY liquids.